AUh: upgrading recipes bbppend files only #yocto


HI ,
I am currently working upgrading  recipes using AUH(Auto Upgrade Helper ) tool where in i am able to upgrade recipes,
custom settings such as SRCBRANCH , SRCREV and SRC_URI in a recipe file of interest.
I am able to upgrade recipes in their recipe(.bb)files only i.e., after completion of upgrade process it is able 
to update SRCREV commit hash to latest in the repo.
If i set the above mentioned variables in extended recipe files(.bbappend)  by removing in main recipe instead,
main recipe file still gets modified/added with variables SRCBRANCH and SRCREV(latest hash) after upgrade process
is completed, leaving behind same variables with previous data which was set, how to make the tool to update extended recipes only.

Thanks & Regards,

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