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Monsees, Steven C (US)


Never mind was able to work this out…


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I am building with zeus 3.0.4, Intel based…


I trying to learn how to introduce a patch to files brought in by packages under “dynamic –layers”… my bbappend appears not to be applying my test patch (even though no errors/warnings thrown)…


This is the package I am trying to manipulate:



It contains:



This is my recipe to apply patch:



It contains:

files  intel-graphics-compiler_1.0.11.bbappend


files - contains the file I am attempting to patch (FILE_TO_PATCH.patch)

intel-graphics-compiler_1.0.11.bbappend is setup like so, where


FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"


SRC_URI += "\

    file://FILE_TO_PATCH.patch \



I attempted to male use of BBFILES_DYNAMIC but even though I get no error, patch is not applied.




    clang-layer:$(LAYERDIR)/dynamic-layers/clang-layer/recipes-opencl/igc/*.bbappend \



Can you explain to me the proper way to patch files under these circumstances and where I went wrong ?





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