Re: is there a viable YP-friendly risc-v dev kit?

Robert P. J. Day

Quoting Leon Woestenberg <leon@...>:

Hello Robert, Alexander,

On Fri, 4 Feb 2022 at 23:04, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday@...> wrote:

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I think the best option at this point is qemu. Why does the 'friend' need
physical hardware? :)
he's a hacker and just likes the feel of circuit boards, but
qemu does look like the only feasible option at the moment.
No. There is a sweet middle ground called FPGAs. You buy a board, with an
IC on it, that is expensive as hell, empty like air, but fully
re-configurable with almost any RISC-V SoC you can think of.

For example the Rocket 64 bit RISC-V.
hmmm ... not even that expensive a board:


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