Re: Private: Re: [yocto] Fetch private gitlab repo using ssh with Yocto recipe #bitbake

Nicolas Jeker

Re-adding the list.

On Wed, 2022-02-02 at 11:51 -0800, Sourabh Hegde wrote:
Hi @Nicolas,
Hi Sourabh

Thanks for the detailed answer.

I followed your steps to fix ssh "config" file and now it's working
Glad to hear it works now.

Regarding my build environment: I am using Docker Desktop for Windows
so i am starting container from Docker Desktop GUI, not from Windows
powershell. So I was confused how to pass "-v
$SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh.socket \".  I hope it's making sense here. Please
do let me know if I am doing anything wrong here so that I don't face
similar issues in future.
I see, I never used Docker Desktop for Windows, so I can't give you
advice about that specifically. If the ssh connection works correctly
with the configuration you created, you shouldn't need to forward the
ssh agent.

Thanks in advance.

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