Re: How to prevent auto start of matchbox-terminal at boot?

Alexander Kanavin

The logs reveal that 'packagegroup-core-x11 packagegroup-core-x11-base packagegroup-core-x11-xserver' are all installed. x11-base pulls in recipes-graphics/mini-x-session/ which starts a minimal session with a terminal. You should either drop x11-base, or tweak mini-x-session script to do what you want.


On Mon, 31 Jan 2022 at 01:22, Dave Beal via <> wrote:
Thanks, Alex.  The log file is attached.
By the way, I'd be happy with a solution that involves changing a file on the target system after the Yocto build is complete.  The fix doesn't need to be in the Yocto build.
= Dave

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