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Randy MacLeod

On 2022-01-28 12:02, Randy MacLeod wrote:
On 2022-01-24 13:04, Praveen wrote:
I am looking for Custom SDK with filtered Header files/libraries based on some rules/approvals. It means not all files from YoctoSDK will be packaged in the CustomSDK.
What is the mechanism or approach where we can pull only those approved header files & libraries from YoctoSDK and package as Customized SDK tar?
Is there a way we can fetch those approved header files from YOCTO SDK and filter it?

I am thinking like creating subset versioned module recipe and specify those approved header files and package only those files. Is there any better mechanism on packaging or filtering the SDK based on some rules to filter some header files?

Like for example in YoctoSDK, we have 2 modules
moduleA (A1.h, A2.h,A3.h and,
moduleB (B1.h, B2.h, B3.h and
Lets say A3.h & B3.h are not approved in my Custom SDK, then in final Customer SDK we will only package
moduleA (A1.h, A2.h and, moduleB (B1.h, B2.h, and

I want to keep YoctoSDK without any filters, so that A3.h/B3.h can be used for internal purposes without any issue.

Hi Praveen,

I'm not aware of anyone else doing that.

For libraries/recipes, you could just omit certain packages from the eSDK but you don't seem to want to do that.

What is your goal in filtering headers and libraries rather than say generating two SDKs:
one that is unrestricted and the other with limited APIs ?

That is, can you not package each moduleA as moduleA and moduleA-private using Yocto's packaging

mechanism with the *3.h files being in the private packages?

I don't work with the SDK very much so I could be out in left field but
if I am, hopefully someone will reply and straighten us both out!



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