Re: Inclusive Language Proposal for YP/OE

Paul Eggleton

On Tuesday, 25 January 2022 21:26:33 NZDT Paul Barker wrote:
The layer index may need some modification to handle different layers
having different names for the in-development branch. We could implement
the layer index changes first to support other layers which rename their
master branch.

I'm going to bite the bullet with meta-linux-mainline and rename the
master branch to "dev" this week to see what happens.
The layer index does already support this, it's just not exposed (at the time
I introduced it - some time ago - I thought it might encourage people to
deviate from the release branch names, but in hindsight that was probably not
worth worrying about.) So at the moment an admin can set an alternative branch
name. It would not be hard to expose it through the UI for layer maintainers


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