Re: bbappend conditional check for advanced metadata (yocto-kernel-cache)?

Bruce Ashfield

On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 6:20 AM Matthias Klein
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I would like to create a linux-%.bbappend file and add the following to it, for example:

KERNEL_FEATURES:append = " features/overlayfs/overlayfs.scc".

Works also for all kernels which use the advanced metadata. Unfortunately it leads to an error with a kernel which uses a defconfig.

I would only enable the above line if the kernel uses the advanced metadata. Is this possible?
Presumably, the kernel recipe you are using inherits kernel-yocto, and
that whatever recipe is using a defconfig isn't also putting the
kernel-cache into the SRC_URI ? (or that kernel_features append
wouldn't be an actual error). So we can run with that assumption.

One option is to allow dangling kernel features, and you'll get a
warning from a the missing feature
(KERNEL_DANGLING_FEATURES_WARN_ONLY). But of course, you'll get a
warning .. which may or may not be a bad thing :)

Another is to make that append conditional based on something you can
test. i.e. test for kernel-cache in the SRC_URI, and if present, do
the append. Or you could test for the defconfig in the SRC_URI and
don't do the append. There may be other options for this, but without
all the details of the recipes, I can't say for sure.

I have a few variations of that theme in meta-virtualization, since
there's a broad range of kernel types supported



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