Packages Missing from Deploy

Robert Joslyn

I’m testing migrating one of my dunfell builds to master in anticipation of the upcoming LTS, and there is a difference in how packages are populated into deploy that is causing me problems. My builds use a package feed, and the way I’ve been generating my package feed is to create a packagegroup recipe that RDEPENDS on all of the top level packages I want pulled into my feed. Then I’ll generate the packagefeed index and copy the content of tmp/deploy/ipk to the web server.

On dunfell, if I build a recipe like my packagegroup, the packages from that recipe and all recursive dependencies are populated into tmp/deploy/ipk. On master, only the packages from the specific recipe I built are populated into tmp/deploy/ipk, but none of the RDEPENDS. I’m using ipk, but the same behavior holds for rpm and deb.

This can easily be seen with a simple poky checkout and build, for example on dunfell:
$ bitbake curl
$ find tmp/deploy/ipk -type f | wc -l

And on master:
$ bitbake curl
$ find tmp/deploy/ipk -type f | wc -l

In this example of building curl, the only packages I get are from curl and ca-certificates.

Is this expected behavior? Is there something I need to configure to get the same package generation as dunfell?


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