Re: Honister broken WiFi communication

Rudolf J Streif

Hi JH,

On Tue, Jan 18, 2022, 01:54 JH <jupiter.hce@...> wrote:

Has anyone successfully built a Linux image by Honister to run WiFi
driver, connman and wpa_supplicant for WiFi interface?

Yes, I have, but with Network Manager instead of connman. WiFi works justĀ fine.

I could build an image by Zeus to run WiFi driver, wpa_supplicant,
connman and dbus well, but after upgrading to Honister, the Linux
image building was fie, but the WiFi is now broken, the WiFi failed to
respond DHCP the WiFi could not connect to Internet, something is
broken between wpa_supplicant and connman which setting kernel WiFi
driver, WiFi interface and connection. I don't see any issues in
kernel WiFi driver, connman and wpa_supplicant, something missing in
the Linux image failing to set up the WiF network interface.

There are a lot of pieces in the chain and it is not obvious from your description where it is broken.

If you run ifconfig -a does your WiFi interface show up? If not there is an issue with the driver. Use dmesg and filter for the driver. Often a driver cannot load the firmware. What is your WiFi hardware?

Did you install the regulatory database?

What error messages are you seeing when attempting to connect to a WiFi network? Did you look at the connman logs?

Appreciate your comments.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

- jupiter

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