Re: gdb with a broken sdk


On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 02:15:38AM +0000, dacav wrote:
How can I include aarch64-foobar-gdb in the devshell's PATH?
Follow up on this thread: I've been kindly helped by kroon on #yocto.
The trick consists in adding a build-time dependency to gdb-cross-aarch64
in my recipe:

DEPEND = "gdb-cross-aarch64"

At this point I can just use `bitbake -c devshell $myrecipe` and the
debugger is available.

Bonus: the devshell turns out to be very useful as a replacement
for the SDK: the environment allows me to do the cross-compilation
with just a `make`, while earlier I needed to run `bitbake $myrecipe`
and wait several seconds.

- dacav

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