Re: Question of Yocto dunfell LTS period

Richard Purdie

On Fri, 2022-01-14 at 07:14 +0000, Matthias Klein wrote:
Hello together,

I would like to add a question to the topic:

Why was the LTS period for dunfell extended?
Can we expect the same for kirstone?
The project members agreed to fun an extension to the lifetime of dunfell from 2
years to 4 years. There should have been some announcements about this but we
lack people on the advocacy side of the project with time to make that happen.
That saddens me a lot and I think it is a missed opportunity but there isn't
much I can do about it beyond what I've already tried.

Extending Dunfell is an experiment so we would base a decision on how well the
dunfell extension is working out. Extending an LTS like this requires a
financial commitment from the project. At this point in time the project cannot
commit to extending kirkstone as we can't guarantee the finances.



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