Re: [OE-core] Question of Yocto dunfell LTS period

Michael Opdenacker

On 1/14/22 2:36 AM, Jate Sujjavanich wrote:
I received the answer to this question in IRC on 10/29/2021.

<> <jatedev>
I saw a wiki edit that said dunfell's LTS period is now through April
2024, but I've seen no announcements. Any truth to this rumor? 
<> <smurray>
jatedev: it was announced on one of the technical calls a few weeks
back, so yes AFAIK 
<> <RP>
jatedev: definitely true. I wish we could sort out the project
advocacy side of things :( 

Let this email serve as a little advocacy.

I believe this would also help if the website (releases page) and/or
official documentation carried such information.
Thanks for raising this concern!

Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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