Re: [meta-raspberrypi] Problem with RPI_USE_U_BOOT with RaspberryPi4

Jean-Philippe Lebel

Thanks Matthias for your input.

I have the same problem using the raspberrypi4-64 target. On my end, the mere fact of enabling RPI_USE_U_BOOT yields a non-bootable image.

The image I generated/burned can be found here:

Thanks a lot.

Jean-Philippe Lebel, ing. MBA
cell: 418-931-3800

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On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 3:59 AM Matthias Klein <matthias.klein@...> wrote:

Hello Jean-Philippe,


>I'm trying to create a simple image that uses the RPI_USE_U_BOOT option but the pi hangs with the rainbow image. I'm able to generate bootable images when not using the RPI_USE_U_BOOT option (but I need to use swupdate).

>I have the same problem with using the Hardknott branch, leading me to think the problem is not the layer but the way I use it.

For me the combination of raspberrypi4-64 machine, U-Boot and RAUC (instead of swupdate) works.

I think the raspberrypi4 should also work (but haven't tested it).


I built and tested my (Poky master branch based) image this morning:


I don't use HDMI output though, but a serial console (ENABLE_UART = "1").


Best regards,



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