[meta-raspberrypi] Problem with RPI_USE_U_BOOT with RaspberryPi4

Jean-Philippe Lebel


I'm trying to create a simple image that uses the RPI_USE_U_BOOT option but the pi hangs with the rainbow image. I'm able to generate bootable images when not using the RPI_USE_U_BOOT option (but I need to use swupdate). I have the same problem with using the Hardknott branch, leading me to think the problem is not the layer but the way I use it.

For my last test, I used the latest meta-raspberrypi without any modification. In other words, I'm using the default/basic configuration.

the default local.conf file has been edited to add the following two lines at the end
MACHINE = 'raspberrypi4'

I'm building the image using
> bitbake core-image-base

And I'm burning the generated .wic image to my sd card.

What am I missing? Is there any other configuration I must do?


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