Re: How to clean the cache for a package?

Tony He

Thanks a lot. This is root cause. I did not update the SRCREV because
I have not added this SRCREV in my recipe.


Chen, Qi <Qi.Chen@...> 于2022年1月11日周二 14:28写道:

In theory, there's no need to run 'bitbake -c clean'. Did you update the SRCREV? It would be easier if you could share some info of your recipe.


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I'm new to yocto. I write a reciple for my own package. The source code of package is in my PC and maintained by GIT. When I change the source code of the package, I need to compile this package again with "bitbake -c clean package" and "bitbake -c compile package".
However, even though I can see the code in the folder downloads/git2/package.git is updated, but bitbake still use the last commit of the git repo to compile. After debugging, I found the old commit ID is stored in build-project/cache/bb_persist_data.sqlite3. Is this normal?
Is it caused by my own wrong reciple or is there any command to clean the cache for a package? Thank you!


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