Re: pseudo error building master with kas-container

Quentin Schulz

Hi Trevor,

On January 7, 2022 9:12:41 PM GMT+01:00, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:
Hey Quentin,

Wow not bad, I'm batting 0/2 so far… lol!
To be fair, I didn't take the time to formulate correctly and point to the docs ☺️

On Thu 2022-01-06 @ 08:28:36 PM, Quentin Schulz wrote:
On January 6, 2022 2:50:47 PM GMT+01:00, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:
On Wed 2022-01-05 @ 12:08:15 AM, Quentin Schulz wrote:
I've had similar issues recently with kas-container and podman. What was
required were two things:
- passing --tmpfs /tmp to podman run,
I don't think --tmpfs is an option, but I modified my kas-container script to
add a "--tmpdir /tmp" option (and verified it with ps while running)
Curious. When I run "podman -h" on the cmdline it only shows a --tmpdir option

$ podman -h | grep tmp
--tmpdir string Path to the tmp directory for libpod state content.
Note: use the environment variable 'TMPDIR' to change the temporary storage location for container images, '/var/tmp'.
podman run --help | grep tmp

Does return it though. It's just that some options are specific to subcommands and not the whole set of supported subcommands. The website is a gold mine, I only ever go to that place to find about parameters ☺️

I wasn't talking about uids or gids, but pids_limit in containers.conf for podman on your host. See:

We discovered that it just had nothing to do with Bitbake/pseudo or
whatever, because with a fork bomb we reached the max of 2048 processes
(within the container) before the container started to fail us.

Without those two changes, I've never been able to successfully build even
core-image-minimal for qemu-x86_64.
Very nice, thanks for the info :-)

In my experiments it seems like all I need is the update to kas-container to
add "--tmpfs /tmp" to KAS_RUNTIME_ARGS (around line 125). Are you going to
submit a patch to kas upstream?
Feel free to do it, I don't use kas-container, I use the kas container from directly so this won't impact me and I wouldn't be able to "maintain" this part and see if something breaks it. I anyway have as many clues as you have on why this fixes pseudo issues so I wouldn't be able to write a better commit log than you'd do.

I'll read the script though to see if I've missed any important parameter to set.

Re: not needing the pids_limit. It seemed to be ok at first but I'd have intermittent fails much later in the build. Increasing it made all my problems go away (well.. for now 😁).


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