Re: pseudo error building master with kas-container

Quentin Schulz

Hi Trevor,

On January 6, 2022 2:50:47 PM GMT+01:00, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:
Hey Quentin,

On Wed 2022-01-05 @ 12:08:15 AM, Quentin Schulz wrote:
I've had similar issues recently with kas-container and podman. What was
required were two things:
- passing --tmpfs /tmp to podman run,
I don't think --tmpfs is an option, but I modified my kas-container script to
add a "--tmpdir /tmp" option (and verified it with ps while running)

- increase pids_limit in container.conf (your system's), we've set it to
1000000 abritrarily for now and it seems to run fine for the few builds
we've made so far),
There seem to be a couple places to update the uid/gid mappings. Originally,
following the podman docs, I created /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid and had them
both contain:


I wasn't seeing any problems with the couple builds that I did, but based
on your suggestion I had a look at /etc/containers/storage.conf and added

remap-uids = "0:1668442479:1000000"
remap-gids = "0:1668442479:1000000"

I also bumped /etc/sub{gu}id to:


but I'm still seeing pseudo failures even after incorporating both of your
I wasn't talking about uids or gids, but pids_limit in containers.conf for podman on your host. See:

We discovered that it just had nothing to do with Bitbake/pseudo or whatever, because with a fork bomb we reached the max of 2048 processes (within the container) before the container started to fail us.

Without those two changes, I've never been able to successfully build even core-image-minimal for qemu-x86_64.


I expanded my testing and discovered that using kas-container with podman on
my openSUSE 15.3 machine I can't build qemux86 for anything including and past
dunfell. All failures are due to pseudo.

qemux86 builds using kas-container with podman on openSUSE 15.3:
- thud (2.6)
- warrior (2.7)
- zeus (3.0)

not working:
- dunfell (3.1)
- gatesgarth (3.2)
- hardknott (3.3)
- honister (3.4)
- master

I did a kas-container build on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine using docker of qemux86
on master and it worked.

I suspect something changed with pseudo in 3.1 and beyond that either isn't
working well with openSUSE 15.3 or isn't working well with podman.

Next I'll try using docker instead of podman.

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