Problems switching from busybox-udhcpc to dhcpcd

Bryan Evenson

I have a system that is based off core-image-minimal which uses sysvinit and busybox-udhcpc. I'm trying to switch to dhcpcd because I want to get the NTP server list from the local DHCP server; dhcpcd supports this feature and busybox-udhcpc does not. I'm on the dunfell branch. I think I finally got firmware upgrade to work cleanly (with opkg) but I'm having trouble triggering dhcpcd. It doesn't work straight out of the box and I'm looking for assistance in how to get dhcpcd started.

First, here are the recipe changes I made in my custom layer to install dhcpcd onto my image and for it to get pulled in on firmware upgrade.
1. I added the following to my busybox_%.bbappend:

Do not install busybox-udcpcd, since we are using dhcpcd

2. I modified my busybox defconfig to unset all the udhcpc related configuration features

3. I created a dhcpcd_%.bbappend with these contents:
# Set the package to conflict with busybox-udhcpc
RCONFLICTS_${PN} = "busybox-udhcpc"
RREPLACES_${PN} = "busybox-udhcpc"

# Add configuration settings to enable NTP configuration
ntp \
PACKAGECONFIG[ntp] = "--with-hook=ntp, , , ntp"

# Include the hook scripts on the system
--with-hooks \
4. In my init-ifupdown_%.bbappend:
a. I added dhcpcd to the RDEPENDS list
b. I added a script to start dhcpcd and installed it in the ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/if-up directory

5. Here is the if-up script (note: I only have one Ethernet port on this device which will always be eth0):

# Only do this for eth0 and not the loopback interface
if [ "$IFACE" == "eth0" ]; then
# Start the DHCP client
dhcpcd -4 -6 -f /etc/dhcpcd.conf "$IFACE"

I think I'm close, but the dhcpcd never gets called when the Ethernet interface starts up. As best I can tell from my debugging, I think $IFACE is never set whenever my if-up script is called. I'm not sure why that is, because I have a pre-up script that depends on $IFACE that has been working for years for me.

Has anyone else made this transition that can offer some more support? Are there some examples floating around on how to start dhcpcd on ifup that I am missing?

Bryan Evenson

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