Re: pseudo error building master with kas-container

Quentin Schulz

Hi Trevor,

On January 4, 2022 8:25:28 PM GMT+01:00, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:

I'm seeing a build failure with pseudo performing a qemux86 build using
kas-container. Note that I'm using kas-container, and not using kas inside a
container of my own making.

build host: openSUSE 15.3
container tool: podman
$ git clone
$ mkdir layers
$ git clone git:// layers/bitbake
$ git clone git:// layers/openembedded-core
create the file "simple.yml" containing -----------------+
| header: |
| version: 11 |
| machine: qemux86 |
| distro: nodistro |
| target: |
| - core-image-base |
| repos: |
| bitbake: |
| path: layers/bitbake |
| layers: |
| conf: disabled |
| openembedded-core: |
| path: layers/openembedded-core |
| layers: |
| meta: |
→ NOTE: do not use real tabs in the yml file
→ NOTE: if this is your first time using kas-container and/or podman you'll
probably have to do some one-time/first-time setup of podman in order
to use containers as a non-root user
→ NOTE: the head revisions of the following repos are as follows:
kas: 75d1a5cce49f363b4dacd702a48d3b11195a353c
layers/bitbake: bdf5739c5d831dc97a7d81568f94a0953c71017f
layers/openembedded-core: 24c1b8346a2ab8bdea2e140282e33814166d9113

$ DL_DIR=/path/to/your/DL_DIR kas/kas-container build simple.yml

the above steps always result in the following build error for me:

ERROR: Task (/work/layers/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-support/icu/ failed with exit code '1'
Pseudo log:
path mismatch [1 link]: ino 47078782 db '/tmp/sh-thd.8MYMaq' req '/tmp/sh-thd.s6sVVG'.
Setup complete, sending SIGUSR1 to pid 5494.
I've had similar issues recently with kas-container and podman. What was required were two things:
- passing --tmpfs /tmp to podman run,
- increase pids_limit in container.conf (your system's), we've set it to 1000000 abritrarily for now and it seems to run fine for the few builds we've made so far),

Hope this helps,

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