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You need to set up a separate build directory for each of the layer configurations: the point of the build directory is to actually specify which layers you want. Just make sure they all share sstate cache dir, and downloads dir, and bitbake will reuse what it can.


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Is it possible to use BBMASK to remove from builds ?


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Any suggestions… ?


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Under my Yocto build, I have basically 2 build directories (one for Arm and one for Intel platforms)… each build directory has its own bblayer.conf.


Under each of these directories I build multiple images for each platform…


If say, on the Intel side, I can build for 3 MACHINES creating 3 unique kernel images A, B, and C (they all share a common bblayer.conf) and I then want to modify one kernel to include meta-virtualization…


How would I manage the bblayer.conf to add this layer to only B’s build so as not to impact the building of “A”  or “C” ?


If I just add it to the common bblayer.conf, “A” and “C” are impacted by the addition and show:


WARNING: You have included the meta-virtualization layer, but 'virtualization' has not been enabled in your DISTRO_FEATURES. Some bbappend files may not take effect. See the meta-virtualization README for details on enabling virtualization support.




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