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Is it possible to use BBMASK to remove from builds ?


From: Monsees, Steven C (US)
Sent: Tuesday, January 4, 2022 2:32 PM
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Any suggestions… ?


From: Monsees, Steven C (US)
Sent: Tuesday, January 4, 2022 7:22 AM
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Under my Yocto build, I have basically 2 build directories (one for Arm and one for Intel platforms)… each build directory has its own bblayer.conf.


Under each of these directories I build multiple images for each platform…


If say, on the Intel side, I can build for 3 MACHINES creating 3 unique kernel images A, B, and C (they all share a common bblayer.conf) and I then want to modify one kernel to include meta-virtualization…


How would I manage the bblayer.conf to add this layer to only B’s build so as not to impact the building of “A”  or “C” ?


If I just add it to the common bblayer.conf, “A” and “C” are impacted by the addition and show:


WARNING: You have included the meta-virtualization layer, but 'virtualization' has not been enabled in your DISTRO_FEATURES. Some bbappend files may not take effect. See the meta-virtualization README for details on enabling virtualization support.




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