Yocto Project Status WW01`22

Stephen Jolley

Current Dev Position: YP 3.5 M2

Next Deadline: 17th Jan. 2022 YP 3.5 M2 build


Next Team Meetings:


Key Status/Updates:

  • YP 3.5 M1 and YP 3.1.13 were released.
  • We have two weeks before the 3.5 M2 build.
  • The autobuilder has undergone significant changes. There are some not unexpected  issues with the new distros now in use there such as python 3.12 deprecations which trigger warnings on Fedora 35. One of the workers does appear to have what is potentially a hardware issue and not all the workers have migrated to SSDs yet (about 50% so far) so there will be some further disruption as this takes place.
  • On modern kernels, we now have the capability within bitbake to disable networking on a per task basis without extra user privileges. There is discussion on the mailing list on how we should enable this and whether it should be on an opt-in or opt-out basis. There is a proof of concept patchset for the opt-out basis and some good arguments for and against the opt-in approach.
  • The new year triggered some reproducible build failures in openssl and webkit due to changing copyright years in the source files, which is a sign of how detailed our reproducibility tests are.
  • There is a patchset implementing reproducibility for go which is a welcome improvement and much less invasive than previous approaches.
  • Intermittent issues continue to be at record high levels and help is very much welcome in trying to resolve them. You can see the list of failures we’re continuing to see by searching for the “AB-INT” tag in bugzilla: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=AB-INT


Ways to contribute:


YP 3.5 Milestone Dates:

  • YP 3.5 M1 is released
  • YP 3.5 M2 build date 2022/01/17
  • YP 3.5 M2 Release date 2022/01/28
  • YP 3.5 M3 build date 2022/02/21
  • YP 3.5 M3 Release date 2022/03/04
  • YP 3.5 M4 build date 2022/04/04
  • YP 3.5 M4 Release date 2022/04/29


Upcoming dot releases:

  • YP 3.1.13 is released
  • YP 3.1.14 build date 2022/01/24
  • YP 3.1.14 Release date 2022/02/04
  • YP 3.4.2 build date 2022/02/07
  • YP 3.4.2 Release date 2022/02/18
  • YP 3.3.5 build date 2022/02/14
  • YP 3.3.5 Release date 2022/02/25
  • YP 3.1.15 build date 2022/03/14
  • YP 3.1.15 Release date 2022/03/25
  • YP 3.4.3 build date 2022/03/21
  • YP 3.4.3 Release date 2022/04/01
  • YP 3.3.6 build date 2022/03/28
  • YP 3.3.6 Release date 2022/04/08
  • YP 3.1.16 build date 2022/04/25
  • YP 3.1.16 Release date 2022/05/06


Tracking Metrics:


The Yocto Project’s technical governance is through its Technical Steering Committee, more information is available at:



The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Weekly_Status


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Stephen K. Jolley

Yocto Project Program Manager

(    Cell:                (208) 244-4460

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