Re: Where to define udev to load kernel modules in boot?

Quentin Schulz

Hi JH,

On December 23, 2021 11:28:55 AM GMT+01:00, JH <jupiter.hce@...> wrote:

I built an OE/Yocto IoT device to include kernel modules of usb_wwan,
usbserial, mwifiex_sdio, mwifiex etc, there is one udev from

# ls /etc/udev/rules.d
10-imx.rules touchscreen.rules

My device does not have a touchscreen so that touchscreen.rules should
not be there. The 10-imx.rules does not define any kernel modules
usb_wwan, usbserial, mwifiex_sdio, mwifiex, the device does not have
video or any input

# cat /etc/udev/rules.d/10-imx.rules
KERNEL=="mc13783_connectiv*", NAME="mc13783_connectivity"
# Anyone has readonly permission to IIM device file
KERNEL=="mxc_iim", MODE="0444", SYMLINK+="mxc_mem"
KERNEL=="mxs_viim", MODE="0444", SYMLINK+="mxc_mem"
KERNEL=="mxc_ipu", MODE="0666"
KERNEL=="mxc_vpu", MODE="0666"
SUBSYSTEM=="video", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="fb[0-9]", MODE="0660", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="gsl_kmod", MODE="0660", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="galcore", MODE="0660", GROUP="video"

How can I define udev in recipes to make the system to load kernel
modules of usb_wwan, usbserial, mwifiex_sdio, mwifiex in boot?
IIRC, you need to add your package to KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD, c.f.


Thank you.

Kind regards,

- jh

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