Bitbake: checksums handling for local directories

Shmuel Hazan

Hi everyone,

I noticed a strange behavior of bitbake, and I am not sure whether it is a bug:

Let say that I have a simple recipe that takes the directory `THISDIR/files/A` and install all the files inside of it:

SRC_URI = "file://A/" 
S = "${WORKDIR}/A"
do_install() {
    install -m 644 ${S}/* ${D}

Let say that I have one file called "my_file" inside of that directory.

It will work great, and I will get a package with "/myfile" -- until I will rename a file to "/myfile1" in the directory. Since the file content stayed the same, do_fetch won't be triggered and as a result, the package will stay the same and have "/myfile".

The only proper way to workaround it was to mark this recipe's do_fetch as nostamp:

do_fetch[nostamp] = "1"

I am currently working with bitbake 1.46.0.

1. Is this a known issue?
2. I could not find any reference to a similar issue / a recent change that could have caused the issue, am I doing something wrong here?


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