Re: Software Port Rpi3 -> iMX8

Randy MacLeod

On 2021-12-18 4:12 p.m., rashmi pisal via wrote:
Hi Team,

Welcome to the Yocto community.

I am working on a project facing a supply chain issue and need to move away from the rasperrypi3 module.
We are planning to use an IMX8 processor and wondering if I can modify the existing embedded Linux distribution created using YoctoProject to accommodate the new hardware changes, or I will have to make the latest image from scratch?
Right now, I am entirely lost, so any help is greatly appreciated.

It's hard to say without more information.
Can you tell us what layers and versions from the Yocto Project you are using?
Can you share or describe the local changes that you have made?

Certainly many layers are largely independent of the BSP so unless someone
in your organization has broken the levels of abstraction in many places,
it may not be so much work to migrate to an iMX8 board.



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