Questions about shared sstate, dl_dir, buildhistory_dir

Rusty Howell

Related to this topic of setting up a cluster of build nodes:

We have multiple build nodes right now configured to use a shared SSTATE cache and shared PR server. We are building four MACHINE types. Build jobs are randomly assigned, so any node can build the image for any MACHINE type.
In order to maintain a proper package feed for long term, we are backing up the PR server database regularly. 

I still have these questions though.

* Do we need to also backup anything in BUILDHISTORY_DIR?

* Do we need to share anything in BUILDHISTORY_DIR?

* I often see people recommend using SSTATE_MIRROR.  What are the pros/cons to using a SSTATE_MIRROR vs all nodes using a shared SSTATE_DIR?

* Can/should DL_DIR be shared across build nodes?

* Should the nodes use a remote/shared BBSERVER?

* I have also seen someone mention a "hash equivalence server" that can also accelerate builds. Is that an old term for the PR_server?

* BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER - I see there are some options to tweak in BB_SIGNATIRE_WHITELIST.  Are there common tweaks to these vars are generally beneficial?  I image the defaults are the best.

Thanks for your time.

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