Re: [oe] Help with Inclusive Language in OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project

Saul Wold

On 12/6/21 17:01, Jon Mason wrote:
This email is a follow-up from the session held on Friday at the
OpenEmbedded Developer's Virtual Meeting (see
The session was not recorded, but the slides can be found at
The outcome from the discussion was that inclusive language changes
are something that we want to accomplish in the kirkstone release
timeframe (with an exception for the "master" branch name, which will
be handled at a future date).
There has already been a pass at collecting the needed changes at
This is not as simple as a find/replace of offending words. There is
a desire for backward compatibility or to provide some kind of "you
want X, which is now Y" (which complicates things).
The intention of this email is to see who is interested in helping
out. Once we know how many people are available and what time frames,
we can plan out a roadmap. So, please email me (or respond to this
thread publicly) and I'll add you to the list. There will then be a
follow-up zoom call in the next week or so to plan out the roadmap.
I am interested in helping out also.

Another low hanging item might be changing the names of patches that include the offensive terms like the following (which I will add to the wiki:
Can't really rename this one or we rename it in oe-core but it gets named back on the installed system.

Same as above


We would have to re-generate the patches to have the subject match the fixed language.


We will document the roadmap and everything else on the YP wiki page above.
Questions and comments are welcome, but not interested in debating the
necessity or timeframe of this task. It has already been decided.

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