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Hello everybody,

I come today to try to solve my problem. I am building a bsp and sdk for a raspberry pi (MACHINE = raspberrypi4-64) in the form of a compute module. I'm trying to compile this app: https://github.com/YvesBas/Tadarida-D/tree/master/sources for the raspberry pi).

I know that in the Libs directory, the libraries are compiled for an x86_64 architecture. This is why I try to integrate them into the sources without this directory. I am also modifying the .pro to match with the correct libs. The integration of these two libs are present in the image of the raspberry pi, but in the sdk I only have the libsndfile1, so the libfftw3.h / .so is missing.

Here are elements for the creation of the bsp and the sdk:
Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION           = "1.46.0"
BUILD_SYS            = "x86_64-linux"
NATIVELSBSTRING      = "universal"
TARGET_SYS           = "aarch64-poky-linux"
MACHINE              = "raspberrypi4-64"
DISTRO               = "poky"
DISTRO_VERSION       = "3.1.12"
TUNE_FEATURES        = "aarch64 cortexa72 crc crypto"
TARGET_FPU           = ""
meta-yocto-bsp       = "dunfell:cf5a00721f721d5077c73d1f4e812e5c79833fba"
meta-multimedia      = "dunfell:69f94af4d91215e7d4e225bab54bf3bcfee42f1c"
meta-qt5             = "dunfell:b4d24d70aca75791902df5cd59a4f4a54aa4a125"
meta-raspberrypi     = "dunfell:934064a01903b2ba9a82be93b3f0efdb4543a0e8"

In conf/local.conf :
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " libfftw libfftwl libfftwf fftw-dev libsndfile1"

When I do bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5, I don't have
libfftw3.h / .so .

What can i do ?

Thanks a lot.


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