Re: [meta-rockchip][PATCH v2] override syntax fixup

Trevor Woerner

On Sat 2021-12-11 @ 08:55:43 AM, Trevor Woerner wrote:
The _virtual notation is not an override. These syntax "fixes" need to be

In the case of the kernel override, when it was added, the rock-pi-e needed
the latest kernel (linux-yocto-dev) but now the default linux-yocto kernel
will suffice. So this mistake actually switched the rock-pi-e from
linux-yocto-dev back to linux-yocto inadvertently but at a time when
linux-yocto-dev was no longer required.

In the case of the bootloader overrides, u-boot was always the default, so
these overrides were always redundant.

Therefore, in the end, simply removing these overrides is the best way
forward (considering these aren't doing anything, and the builds are working
fine regardless).

Signed-off-by: Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...>
conf/machine/include/ | 1 -
conf/machine/include/ | 2 --
conf/machine/include/ | 2 --
conf/machine/include/ | 1 -
conf/machine/rock-pi-e.conf | 2 --
5 files changed, 8 deletions(-)
Applied to meta-rockchip, master.

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