Is it possible to run a read-only fs without IMAGE_FEATURE = "read-only-rootfs"

Beek, Léon van de

Dear all,


Currently I have created an image which upon boot mounts my rootfs as readonly in an overlay with my data partition. I set out to change the FS type of my rootfs to something that is actuall read-only like squashfs, however I am getting a kernel panic whenever I boot saying:


“Not syncing: vfs: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-blick(179,2)”


The steps I took to convert to a read-only rootfs:

  • Change -fstype in .wks file to squashfs
  • Changed IMAGE_FSTYPE= “squashfs wic.bz2”, in local.conf, however I do not believe this is necessary actually


Are there steps I am missing? I believe that IMAGE_FEATURE = "read-only-rootfs" should not be necessary as I am mounting the rootfs in an overlay before starting /sbin/init , but I might be wrong.


Kind regards,


Léon van de Beek

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