[PATCH yocto-autobuilder-helper] run-auh: do not clean up build directory

Alexander Kanavin

This is done regularly by the overall AB maintenance tooling, and erasing
build artifacts makes it difficult to find out what went wrong
when it does.

Signed-off-by: Alexander Kanavin <alex.kanavin@...>
scripts/run-auh | 5 -----
1 file changed, 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/run-auh b/scripts/run-auh
index 7a9ab70..656bedd 100755
--- a/scripts/run-auh
+++ b/scripts/run-auh
@@ -24,9 +24,4 @@ git checkout -B tmp-auh-upgrades origin/master
source $poky_dir/oe-init-build-env $build_dir
$auh_dir/upgrade-helper.py -e all

-# clean up to avoid the disk filling up
-rm -rf $build_dir/tmp/
-rm -rf $build_dir/workspace/sources/*
-find $sstate_dir -atime +10 -delete

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