netkit-ftp for yocto


Hello Guys
I have installed netkit-ftp-0.17-r0 version successfully but i am not able to get -4 and -6 option with using ftp -help

$ ftp -help
   Usage: { ftp | pftp } [-46pinegvtd] [hostname]

       -p: enable passive mode (default for pftp)
       -i: turn off prompting during mget
       -n: inhibit auto-login
       -e: disable readline support, if present
       -g: disable filename globbing
       -v: verbose mode
       -t: enable packet tracing [nonfunctional]
       -d: enable debugging

not getting ipv4 and ipv6 option
       -4: use IPv4 addresses only
       -6: use IPv6, nothing else

if some package or something is missing, please update me so that i can modify.


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