Re: Trouble building core-image-minimal-initramfs for j7-evm target #grub

Tom Rini

On Wed, Dec 08, 2021 at 12:06:49PM -0800, chiefsleepyeye@... wrote:
I'm on the "dunfell" branch and trying to build core-image-minimal-initramfs for a j7-evm target.  When I do that I get the following error:

* Solver encountered 1 problem(s):
* Problem 1/1:
*   - nothing provides grub needed by
* Solution 1:
*   - do not ask to install a package providing initramfs-module-install
If I build for the genericx86-64 target it builds successfully.  I think the problem is with it needing "grub" for the j7-evm target because I don't believe grub is needed nor built for that target.  The bootloader in that case is u-boot.  Is there something I need to do to tell it the bootloader is u-boot rather than grub maybe?  Anyone have any ideas and/or guidance?  Thanks in advance.
Note that using grub-efi on aarch64 is expected and normal, building
"grub" is not. I think the core-image-minimal-initramfs recipes and/or
initramfs-module-install recipes need a bit of tweaking.


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