[meta-raspberrypi] Changing rootfstype to squashfs

Beek, Léon van de

Dear all,


My goal is to have a squashfs rootfstype and ext4 data partition that get combined in an overlayfs and switched to the root during boot.

I managed to get the overlayfs and switching of root working thanks to meta-readonly-rootfs and some changes locally, but only with 2 ext4 partitions and not with a squashfs partition.

I changed the rootfs to squash fs by changing the following 2 things:

  • Change to --fstype=squashfs in .wks file
  • Change IMAGE_FSTYPE to “squashfs wic.bz2” although I believe this is only necessary to get a .squashfs rootfs file


Please note I am running the image on a raspberrypi3-64, and I also noticed that the cmdline.txt still had rootfstype=ext4, but after changing this to squashfs I got a kernel panic with error:

“Not syncing: vfs: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-blick(179,6)”

Which I believe means in this case that the kernel module for Squashfs is not loaded? Could someone help me out how to load this module or point out something else I am missing?


Kind regards,


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