Behaviour of .bbappend when default script is not present

Beek, Léon van de

Dear all,


My situation is as follows:


  • Using Kas container to build and enable easy CI, I have 2 .yaml files creating my 2 builds for 2 different machines: RaspberryPi and Qemu.
  • Qemu yaml file does not contain meta-raspberrypi repo
  • Custom distro that extends poky has a script rpi-cmdline.bbappend that appends script with the same name from meta-raspberrypi
  • Rpi-cmdline.bbappend is used to simply add 2 kernel commands to cmdline.txt
  • Rpi-cmdline.bbappend contains line on top with: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "^rpi$"


When running the Qemu build, Bitbake will say that the default .bb file is not present for the rpi-cmdline.bbappend script, which of course is true, but I don’t want to include the meta-raspberrypi repo in my sources for this build as well.

It seems like the “COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "^rpi$"” is only regarded after parsing the script, which still requires the default script to be present.


I’ve searched the internet but have not found a way of achieving my goal so far, so my question is:

Is there any way of having this .bbappend file present without the default .bb file there? Or maybe there is a better solution to add kernel command parameters to cmdline without using this rpi only script?


Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,

Léon van de Beek


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