Re: Setting BUILDNAME to a string broke in 3.1.12

Steve Sakoman

On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 6:40 AM Henrik Riomar <henrik.riomar@...> wrote:


We set the BUILDNAME (via local.conf) variable to the output of "git
describe --long --always" so this info ends up in /etc/version instead
of a date. (i.e to know the exact source version of the code
deployed on a target)

This has worked fine for us up until 3.1.12, but now we just get a
date (201803...) in /etc/version.
After doing a bit of bisecting it appears that this commit is the culprit:

reproducible_build: Remove BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES checking

Since this was cherry-picked from master to fix some reproducibililty
errors I suspected that the issue might also exist in the master

A quick test with:

BUILDNAME = "my custom name"

added to local.conf confirmed that /etc/version was indeed
"20180309123456" instead of the expected "my custom name"

I'm out of time to work on this today, but perhaps Richard might have
some ideas on how to address this.


Note that since switching to Dunfell we were forced to set
BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES to 0, so the build system would not "mess
up" /etc/version, but not even that helps now.

What's the official way to get something more useful than a date (in
the long past) in /etc/version?


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