[nativesdk] compilation problem with nativesdk


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to write a recipe to build openjdk-9 with the Yocto project dunfell.
I want to install the jre (the runtime environment of Java) on my target and install the jdk (the development toolkit of java) on my build machine and only on my build machine.

I succeeded to build openjdk and to install the jre on my target (I can run Java applications on my target).
The fetch/patch/configure/compile tasks are made on a .inc file included on my openjre-9.bb recipe which included only the install task.

Now, I want to install the jdk as part of the Yocto SDK to make it accessible on my build machine. So I created a opendjdk-9.bb recipe wich include my .inc file and added
BBCLASSEXTEND = "nativesdk" in the recipe with the install task.

I added " RDEPENDS_${PN} += "nativesdk-openjdk-9" on a nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.bbappend

and I added TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-openjdk-9" on my image recipe.
Now my problem is that my recipe openjdk-9.bb doesn't compile, I have "Cannot find autoconf" error while compiling.
I don't understand why because the compilation task is described on the .inc file which is the same for the openjre-9.bb recipe (which works) and the openjdk-9.bb recipe (which doesn't work).
I hope you can help me to understand the "nativesdk" extension.


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