How to create connman_1.40.bbappend to enable and to build connman with iwd?



Please correct me, but it seems to me the connman is moving to a
direction to ditch out wpa_supplicant and to use iwd, but the Honister
still configure connman with wpa_supplicant by default, appreciate
your advice:

- Is connman with iwd stable enough?

- How can I create a connman_1.40.bbappend to replace wpa_supplicant
by iwd configure?

- Where are the documents for configuring and building connman with
iwd? Where is the operational guidance to run connman with iwd? Can I
use the same connman dbus APIs or are there any dbus API changes to
run connman with iwd?

My apology for FAQs.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

- JH

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