Re: [yocto-infrastructure] downtime Wednesday November 24th

Michael Halstead

The migration is complete. now serves from a pair of load balanced mirrors. is on a new dedicated secure host.

If git push hangs please double check the git remote is set to We switched to this domain years ago but still allowed pushing to for convenience. That will not work any longer. When updating repository remotes make sure to push from the command line to add the new hostname to your known_hosts file. Scripts will hang at the ssh prompt until the new hostname is added.

The mirrors pull in new changes rapidly but there is a delay between pushing and those changes appearing on the mirrors. Any scripts that push and then reference the commits will need a delay added to allow for the sync. 

Please email or reach out in IRC if you encounter any unexpected issues.

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 2:38 PM Michael Halstead via <> wrote: is going offline for a short downtime between 1700 UTC and 2200 UTC while we move it to a new server. During the downtime pushes may timeout or be rejected. If your push is rejected try again in 15 minutes. I will announce the start and end of the downtime in #yocto on Libera.Chat. will be moved to a new pair of high availability servers during the same window. No downtime is planned for this move. 

Michael Halstead
Linux Foundation / Yocto Project
Systems Operations Engineer

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