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Randy MacLeod

On 2021-11-19 4:12 a.m., lucapirozzi via wrote:
Hi Joseph,
thank you for replying.
Shall I use the oe-pkgdata-util find-path this way?
oe-pkgdata-utilĀ  find-path /usr/bin/hexdump
Because I'm encountering an error
ERROR: Unable to find any package producing path /usr/bin/hexdump
So I think I am doing something wrong

Hi Luca,

I think you either need the right key/string:

$ oe-pkgdata-util find-path /bin/ls.coreutils

coreutils: /bin/ls.coreutils

or to use a wildcard and quotes:

$ oe-pkgdata-util find-path "/bin/ls*"

coreutils: /bin/ls.coreutils

kmod: /bin/lsmod.kmod

For help:

$ oe-pkgdata-util

oe-pkgdata-util: error: the following arguments are required: <subcommand>

usage: oe-pkgdata-util [-h] [-d] [-p PKGDATA_DIR] <subcommand> ...

OpenEmbedded pkgdata tool - queries the pkgdata files written out during



-h, --help show this help message and exit

-d, --debug Enable debug output

-p PKGDATA_DIR, --pkgdata-dir PKGDATA_DIR

Path to pkgdata directory (determined automatically if

not specified)


lookup-pkg Translate between recipe-space package names and

runtime package names

list-pkgs List packages

list-pkg-files List files within a package

lookup-recipe Find recipe producing one or more packages

package-info Show version, recipe and size information for one or

more packages

find-path Find package providing a target path

read-value Read any pkgdata value for one or more packages

glob Expand package name glob expression

Use oe-pkgdata-util <subcommand> --help to get help on a specific command

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