Re: Yocto suddenly creating directories with 700 instead 755.

Richard Purdie

On Thu, 2021-11-11 at 17:10 +0100, Manuel Wagesreither wrote:
If recipes install directories with `install -d path/to/dir`, how is the default
mode determined? What can cause it suddenly (that is, without updating
metalayers or similar) to change from 755 to 700?
You don't mention which version of the project this is with which may be
important and relevant as we've fixed things related to these kinds of issues.

Bottom line is that file mode you see on disk will be determined by the umask
bitbake is being run under. The file modes on disk are not the file modes used
though since pseudo emulates modes as well as users like root.

The 134 exit code is usually pseudo aborting and there should be information in
the rootfs logs about which files it had concerns over, likely inode mismatches.
Also see the WORKDIR/pseudo/pseudo.log. This has it's own wiki page:

I'd also add that the core directories have permissions determined by:

and code in package.bbclass should be ensuring those directories always have
consistent permission bits.

This brings me back to which release/version of the metadata is this?



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