Re: Cross-compile custom ROS2 package for Yocto #bitbake


In addition to the above changes, I also included instructions inside conf/local.conf file to install my first ROS2 package:
IMAGE_INSTALL_append=" ros-core my-first-yocto-pkg"

After that, I was able to bitbake the complete Yocto image, put it on the SD card, and boot the Yocto on my devkit. After sourcing script, I entered:

ros2 pkg list
command to list all available ROS2 packages on the system.

my_first_yocto_pkg package was on the list so I was happy and excited!

I wanted to do the final touch and launch the talker node from the packet with:

ros2 run my_first_yocto_pkg talker

However, I got the info that No executable is found! What the heck!

Do you have any idea what I did wrong in the whole process?

Appreciate your efforts!


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