User configuration & host contamination

Jeffrey Simons

Hi all,

I'm having some difficulty with setting up users and the respective application user assignments. I have a generic recipe which inherits useradd and sets a user, this
works great for my purpose without one exception. I can't assign the user in my other recipe where the application is build.

Snippet from my user add (based on the useradd-example):
USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = "--uid 1200 \
--home-dir /home/user1 \
--groups dialout \
--user-group \
--password '********' \
--shell /bin/bash user1"

Snippet from my application which wants to assign the user1:
do_install () {
chown -R user1 ${D}/usr/local/bin/test_app/
It fails with the message:
"WARNING: test_app-1.0-12-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: test_app: /usr/local/bin/test_app/ is owned by uid 1000, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination"

Any pointers/thoughts in how I can resolve this issue?

With kind regards,

Jeffrey Simons

Software Engineer
Royal Boon Edam International B.V.

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