Re: #golang Build tools required during go generate #golang

Khem Raj

On 11/5/21 7:32 AM, sebastian@... wrote:
Hi yoto-devs/users,
in order to get a golang application to run which relies on `go generate` calls I wrote special recipes for this tools and include them in my original recipe. However I always get a segmentation fault.
In the tools (which happens to be based on golang too) I use [1] in the recipes and in the recipe I want to use them I include them via [2].
However if for example enter the dev-shell or during build I get a segmentation fault although the binary seems to be compiled for the right architecture (host-amd64).
Is there something wrong I try to use that?
do you have stack trace ? that might give some more info on whats going on

inherit go-mod
DEPENDS += "random-go-tool-needed-by-recipe-native"

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