Re: yocto meta-intel preempt-rt

Leon Woestenberg

Hello Steve,

I have been running the PREEMPT_RT for Intel platforms for a few
releases, I remember it fetched sources from a GIT branch for -rt
(PREEMPT_RT). So it does not need to apply separate patches in that

Could you check if this is the case for you as well?



p.s. Slightly off-topic, I moved away from PREEMPT_RT in favor of task
isolation mode, where we use one CPU core in isolated single task
mode, for *much* lower latencies than PREEMPT_RT can provide.

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On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 12:30 PM Monsees, Steven C (US) via
<> wrote:

I have an Intel based platform, and was looking to implement preempt-rt on it to test.

For Intel, the meta-intel component recipe appears to supports “linux-intel-rt”, and I can build my intel based platform with this and it boots… My platform kernel is currently 4.19 based under the meta-inteI component I do not see the rt patch/patches being applied…

Is meta-intel component recipe building the full preempt-rt support ?, or do I still need to apply the patch ?



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