Re: Specified SDKMACHINE value is not valid

Khem Raj

On 11/1/21 3:52 PM, Richard Purdie wrote:
On Mon, 2021-11-01 at 21:50 +0100, Josef Holzmayr wrote:
(re-adding list as I messed up)

Am Mo., 1. Nov. 2021 um 21:45 Uhr schrieb jchludzinski

I want to build this image for a Raspberry Pi, which means ARM.
MACHINE = "raspberrypi3"
(for example, pick your specific one like

Is that not possible?

That can't be true!
Building the SDK for an architecture other than x86 is not supported
at the moment.
Not quite true, aarch64 is supported and tested as an SDKMACHINE value.
at one point, I had ppc64le working as SDKMACHINE target as well.

But again, this is about the SDK. And you probably just
want to build the image, where the standard procedures apply. Add the
BSP layer, set MACHINE.
Right, this sounds like MACHINE is wanted for raspberrypi.

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