Re: How to set IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE ?

Michael Opdenacker


Copying the docs@ mailing list.

On 10/29/21 5:49 PM, Michael Opdenacker wrote:
Hello Simone,

On 10/29/21 10:21 AM, Simone Azzalin wrote:

I am trying to set a default size for the rootfs.jffs2 generated by
For this purpose, if I am not wrong, this can be done using the

But where  I have to configure this option ? So, in which
configuration file ?
You can define it either in your image recipe (if you have a custom
one), or in conf/local.conf.

It seems that this detail has not been specified in the reference manual.
True, but this is a more generic mechanism that we chose not to repeat
for each variable. Essentially, the documentation at
explains that your image can be customized through conf/local.conf or by
writing your own image recipe.

I agree the manual is so big that this may not be clear.

All things considered, the documentation for some other parameters
explains where they can typically be set. This should definitely help
people just quickly reading the specific reference documentation for a
given variable. I'll submit a documentation patch to address this need.

Many thanks for asking!

Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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