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Monsees, Steven C (US)

No, you got it wromg... I have a buildable image which has all the components necessary, I want to remove some overhead installed by some components that I will not be within my running application...

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On Mon, 25 Oct 2021, Monsees, Steven C (US) via wrote:

If I am building an image “image-ABC”, and it is composed of a number
recipes, and for some of these recipes I may NOT want to install their
final components within my image…

Which is the best place to modify the build with bbappend ?

Would I modify a recipe’s do_install (do_install_append-recipe_xyz) ?,
or would I modify the image recipe (do_install_append-image_ABC) I am
leaning this way to avoid cases where the component recipes might have
bbappends in place already ?
i would think start with defining a minimal image, then define other images based on that one which add more recipes. this has nothing to do with redefining the recipes, it just means defining more than one image.


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