Re: How to enable graphics acceleration on qemux86-64?

Alexander Kanavin

On Sat, 16 Oct 2021 at 14:08, Manuel Wagesreither <ManWag@...> wrote:
Here are some updates:

Building core-image-weston on hardknott succeeded. Couldn't `runqmu kvm slirp sdl core-image-weston` first because I got an error message about 'dri.pc' being missing. Debian package search told me it's part of 'mesa-commond-dev', so I installed it on my host machine and indeed, that runqemu command above got working again. Not just that, now even OpenGL acceleration with `runqmu kvm slirp sdl gl core-image-weston` worked, altough I didn't change anything OpenGL-wise. core-image-weston feels really snappy now. Great!

I got curious and reverted back to dunfell to check if the now-installed dri.pc made a difference, but no, it didn't. `runqemu` with `sdl` started (like it did before), and with `sdl gl` it still said "OpenGL support is disabled".

You need to replicate the settings from oe-selftest (link provided previously). I think on dunfell it's not enabled out of the box, and needs to be configured explicitly.
Ok, so then I moved on to get my own image which is on hardknott now working.

I `runqemu`d my image with 'sdl' and 'gl' and it started up fine. Weston did no longer start automatically so I did manually. Ran `DISPLAY=:0 glxgears` but it told me "couldn't open display :0". Installed 'weston-xwayland' so I'd get "/usr/lib/libweston-9/" but that didn't change anything.

Can't yet say if `DISPLAY=:0 glxgears` works on core-image-weston as it's still building.

DISPLAY is a setting for the host, so qemu can display the sdl or gtk window. On the qemu guest you need to get weston to start first.


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